March, 2015

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Floor plans for real estate virtual tours

Custom made floor plans for your real estate listing powered by Magicplan and Floorplanner starting at $35.00. Each home is unique – contact  Brad D. Barnson | 435.229.7592 |  for exact quote. Floor plans can be added to both tourbuzz real estate virtual tours as well as RTV tours.

Barnson home - 1st Floorc

Real estate photography St. George, UT


Real estate photography st. george, utah       B3DB llc. Pano Real Tours for real estate With tourbuzz, whether you want just stills, panoramas, floor plans or a combination of all three, Pano Real Tours thoughtfully showcase your work in stunning HDR – HD images. You will be blown away by the elegant designs, color schemes, and fonts as they view the tours on desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry.

Inn on The Cliff / Cliffside Restaurant – Virtual Tour

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Coming in April – B3DB llc. Pano Real Tours – Real estate and Business Photography and Virtual Tours

Pano Real Tour Blog post.001

B3DB llc. Google Trusted Photographer is proud to announce it’s “sister” site  B3DB llc. Pano Real Tours offers the very best in virtual tour software technology powered by RTV Real Tour Vision software’s latest release, “Fusion”. This dynamic system puts the most powerful photography, panoramas and audio playback engine in your creative hands.  Everything you want in a real estate or business virtual tour  presentation is possible with B3DB llc. Pano Real Tours. With  gorgeous virtual tour templates, unique feature sets, virtual tour layouts, and mobile friendly HTML5 interactive virtual media technology, Pano Real Tours has you poised to dominate in your local real-estate market and beyond. Take your time and explore the many options that are available to you and your clients.  When you’re ready, call and setup your Pano Real Tours account and start using the best real estate photography service in St. George and the Southern Utah area.  With Fusion, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Features include…

HTML 5 virtual tour engine displays HD stills, HD panoramas, and HD full-motion video in one interactive, vibrant-rich media player at lightning-fast speeds!

Tours are smart, very smart! When browsing through your virtual tours with a web enabled phone or device, B3DB llc. Pano Real Tours – virtual tours automatically serve up an HTML 5 mobile compatible version of the tour to ensure maximum exposure and compatibility.

Looking for a way to ‘WOW’ visitors and customers with your virtual tours? Fusion’s latest and greatest feature will grab their attention with something they’ve never seen before, an outer space fly in! AstroZoom lets you zoom in from outer space directly to any property or business.

Adding a floor plan to a virtual tour adds a new dynamic to an already powerful, visually stimulating marketing tool. 

Struggling with complex third-party software to make flyers is a thing of the past with Pano Real Tours free Auto Flyer Generator with over twenty gorgeous flyer templates and layouts ready for your stunning listing to make them complete.

Pano Real Tours embraces  Hot Spot technology and the new Fusion system takes Hot Spots to the next level. We now offer Animated Hot Spots, Audio Spots, InfoSpots.

Pano Real Tours takes virtual tour traffic reporting to the next level by providing you and your clients with more data than ever. Now featuring a full breakdown of traffic and stats by day, month, quarter, and year. You’ll see the number of times your virtual tour has been emailed, downloaded, shared on social sites, and viewed on a mobile phone. Tracks the number of times various tools are used, like the E-Flyer and the Printable Brochure. Now all reports are automatically sent to  YOUR email address.


Get on Google St. George and southern Utah!

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Everyday, during the work I do as a Google Maps – Business View – Google Trusted Photographer, I see Google Business pages, getting page views well into the tens of thousands, some into the hundreds of thousands of views and the business owners of these Google Business pages are not using their page at all. So thousands and thousands of potential customers saw nothing or little to nothing when they viewed your business. This is no different than having free a billboard on the highway nearly blank.

Get on Google. Or should I say GET ON GOOGLE PERIOD.
The number one item on your list when you own a business that caters to walk-in traffic, Get on Google Maps. One it is free. Two It is easy! Three It is linked to all your Google search results. Google Search, Google Map searches and Google Places.
All you have to do it type in “Google my Business” and follow the instructions, or follow this link    From there it will take 10 minutes to get your Business verified. Depending on your business you may have to have them send you a code on a postcard and enter it. Ok to now you have a combined total of 11 minutes. This will be the most important 11 minutes of your marketing strategy.
If you have any trouble call me! Contact: Brad D. Barnson 435.229.7592 |
I will help you and it is free! As a Google Trusted Photographer for Google Maps Business View I can add you on Google Maps, help you get verified and remove any older business listed at your location all for free. And I will be glad to do so. As well as (this is the part I charge for) Provide photography services for Google Maps Business View “see inside” 360 virtual tours and Google Business photos.
Go ahead Google your business…. Google other business… see what there doing. And do it better.
Thank you for your interest.
Brad D. Barnson
Your Google Trusted Photographer
Serving St. George and Southern Utah
for Google Maps Business View

Designer Furniture Gallery – Google Business View Virtual Tour.

Designer Furniture Gallery located in St. George, UT – Google Business View Virtual 360 Tour by Brad D. Barnson Google Trusted Photographer for  Google Maps Business View, serving St. George and Southern Utah.

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