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How many Real Estate Photos should add to your listings?

I see Real Estate listings in the St. George, Utah area with upwards of 85 photos all the time. The reality is, each home is different. The number of photos Google allows for its “see photos” on business listings is an excellent guide to the public’s attention span. That is 30, or sometimes I read the “Magic Number is 27″… after 27 photos the viewership drops off radically. After 27 real estate photos of a home, change the “subject” of the photos.  Maybe now add photos of the guest house or Casida. Switch to photos of the areas amenities such as the local park.

The Goal is to leave them (the prospective buyer) wanting more… If someone starts viewing photos of a listing and gets bored before they get to the last photo, their onto something else. If they are still wanting to see more when they get to the end of a set or slideshow… That is the Goal!