Google Maps Business View Google Trusted Photographer St. George, UT


Panotour pricing

Included with each Google Business View Tour  you are the required set of at least 10 business photos that accompany any Google Business View package.

These  include …

  1. Storefront – wide angle view of the entire front of the business including the entrance and the business name/sign.
  2. Close-up of business name and/or logo.
  3. Hours of operation.
  4. Wide angle shot from a doorway looking into the business.
  5. Wide angle shot from the back of the business looking toward the main entrance.
  6. Close-up of business card.
  7. Close-up of menus (all pages).
  8. Endorsements / Awards.
  9. Artifacts (sculptures, portraits, paintings, unusual pattern, etc.).
  10. Attractive features – food- products-table settings in restaurants- and/or business decor-etc.