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Real estate photography

B3DB llc. Real estate photography and virtual tours offers both standard still images and virtual tours for your business or real estate asset. Serving St. George and Southern Utah, B3DB llc. owned by Brad D. Barnson has a variety of platforms for you to choose from. I have created examples of three platforms using the same home. The first uses Google+ and Google Views combined with the Walinto app to create a true virtual walkthrough.

  Click on the screen below to view the Walkinto tour. Walkinto Screen shot


Real Estate Still Photography

Still Real Estate Photos For Your Listing. Click on any image to view sample Gallery.

Overland Trails, Coral Canyon. St. George, UT area.

2027 Overland Dr. Photo-011


S&S Homes Escalera – Lot 510 St. George, UT area.

S&S Homes-Photos-13


3424 Sugar Leo Rd. Bloomington, St. George, UT area.

Slide-3224 Sugar Leo Rd.-18


3652 S. Desert Hills, St George, UT

3652 S. Desert Hills-A-15

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